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Each artwork has its own information and all of them are available for sale, except those already marked as sold. Any question before buying,  contact us here. Payments should be via Paypal (see button below) and it will be tax free. The shipment will be made by regular mail and with a fixed standard cost of $10 within the United States. Each artwork is original and it will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.  Full agreement details, please read Here                                                                                                                                            
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"The Astral Projection Series are paintings, acrylic on canvas small and medium formats, which somehow draws on early modernist styles such as Impressionism, Symbolism, and Neo-romanticism.
Natasha express her inner world from a mystical point of view, while projecting herself as a contemporary woman who faces a social and emotional context similar to the one that inspired those masters to create such impressive landscapes. Thus she focuses on her own contemporary reality, to subtly reflect on our chaotic times of deceiving politics and unstable socio-economic environment.
The Postmodern era and the “globalization” that ensued brought about new concepts and tools to try rationalizing developed societies. Natasha faces those new invisible methods of control through the tools of the old masters: a deep spirituality encapsulated by great masses of color and shapes that spell a dramatic contradictory relationship between the natural elements amid a grim atmosphere. It is precisely her playing with a vast array of hues and tones of chromatic grays which allows her to create a heavy synecdoche of these turbulent times we are living. Then that sensitive aesthetic of landscape and seascape painting she inherited, correlates to the very current narrative that crystallizes in these amazingly contemporary artworks."

Rafael López-Ramos

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